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Outstanding Original Photograph of General George A. Custer by W. R. Howell, New York, given and signed by Elizabeth B. Custer, Amazing piece of history, this is an original CDV Photograph taken by William Roe Howell of General George A. Custer in uniform in April, 1876, just two months before the Battle of The Little Bighorn. The photo was taken at the request of Elizabeth, and is one of the last images ever taken of Custer. From the Phillip Schwartz Collection (Ex. Vice President of Colt Firearms Mfg.) This photgraph is vintage framed and in beautiful conditon, with a post-battle endearment note written on the reverse by Custer's wife, Elizabeth Bacon Custer. It reads;
"I am so glad my dear Emma, I give you what I think is the best picture of your friend General Custer / Elizabeth B. Custer"
A truly wonderful, one of a kind piece of Custer history from one of the oldest and finest antiques collections in Connecticut.
PRICE: $3,500
Important Typed Letter to R.H. Russell, Signed by Theodore Roosevelt on May 10th, 1898 as newly appointed Colonel of the "Rough Riders", Theodore Roosevelt had been serving Assistant Secretary of the US Navy Department at the time America declared war against Spain in April, 1898. On May 6th, Roosevelt resigned and joined the military, being appointed Lt. Colonel of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry, aka "The Rough Riders". This letter was written by him only four days after being appointed Colonel of the Rough Riders, and is written on his own letterhead as previous Secretary of The Navy. By the end of May, Roosevelt and his Rough Riders would be off to Cuba to fight the Spanish, and on July 1st, 1898, would make their famous charge up San Juan Hill.
This letter is written to R.H. Russell of New York (presumably the famous publisher), and is as follows:
"My Dear Mr. Russell: I should particularly like some copies of that song. I admire it greatly, and am glad to have it. Very sincerely yours, Theodore Roosevelt"
It would be interesting to do more research to determine what song Roosevelt was referring to. The letter is in very good condition overall, with a strong signature, and strong typed font. The printed letterhead information is faint, but visible. Roosevelt lived a long life full of various achievements, but perhaps the most important and noted period of his life was while he was Lt. Colonel of the Rough Riders, and to find a document written and signed by him during this brief period is very rare.
RARE Large Blacksmith Forged & Marked Grizzly Bear Trap, mfg. ca. 1840. This is a fantastic, early bear trap that measures 37" long overall with 12" wide jaws. It is marked at least six times on various parts by the maker. The writing is partially legible, but I just can't quite figure out the name. Years ago we spoke with an old time collector out west about the trap who thought that it may have been used initially as a sample by the blacksmith. Thick, original forged dog and pan, both of which are marked, and four 1 3/4" long forged teeth which are fully intact. The forged chain and fastening ring measure 4 ft. long. The iron is strong and heavy, and in excellent condition. This is one of the better traps we have ever had. It's very difficult to find a large, quality trap this early! NOTE: NO SALE TO FOLLOWING STATES: Florida, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, California, and Washington. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know your own state laws on the purchase and ownership of leg hold traps. This trap is sold as a historical decorative piece with no intent of contemporary use.
Rare Wells Fargo & Co. "No. 8" Iron Stagecoach Strong Box, ca. 1890-1910. This massive strong box came out of an old west collection in Texas, and is the biggest and best strong box we have seen in quite some time. The box measures 24" wide (plus the handles), 15" deep, and 15" tall. It is painted black, with "W.F. & CO." stenciled in gold on the front and back, and "NO. 8" on the top. The inside has been painted silver. The box is serial numbered on the top near the locking ring, and there are more old numbers on the inside mechanism stenciled under the silver paint. The bottom of the box is bellied slightly from years of carrying coins, gold, and money. One side handle is round and matches the top locking lever in design, while the other side handle is triangular, though they seem to have been this way since the time of use. The original key is missing. This is a great looking piece of western history. Absolutely authentic.
Wonderful Vintage North American Bobcat (Lynx) Taxidermy Head Mount, mounted in New York in 1959. From the bottom of his chest to the top of his head measures around 11". The plaque he is mounted to measures roughly 12"x9", and information regarding the mount is hand written on the back in pencil. A great looking addition to your gun room or den!
Makers of Fine Shotguns
RARE Griffin & Howe New York No. 2 "Blue Rock Trap" Tournament/Club Pigeon Thrower, ca. 1930's. This is the only example we have seen in this style by this maker. Right out of a private collection here in Connecticut, this piece is of impressive size, and would have been intended for use in a tournament or club shoot. The entire trap pivots on a unusual ball and socket design, and is clearly marked on both sides of the base. The tripod stand is made of three pieces of pipe that unthread from the base for transporting. The base is a heavy metal plate that the trap is bolted onto. The tripod is right from the period and was used with the trap. The entire piece looks to have been painted yellow at one time, and is now painted black. The trap pulls back and throws great. The little spring on top that holds the release forward has lost it's tension over the years and should be replaced. It measures 25" just from the ground to the base, and well over 4 feet high in total. This is a very impressive looking piece, and would be a highlight of any collection.
PRICE: $350
RARE Wild West Show Performer's "Quick Draw" Holster & Gun Belt Rig for Colt Single Action Army Revolver, ca. 1920's/1930's. This is a very interesting and purpose built rig, featuring a 3 1/4" wide leather belt that holds 12 cartridges in
the .41 to .44 caliber range. The holster itself is very small and simple in design, mounted low, and kicked back for ease of pulling the gun out quickly. The buckle is solid Nickel Silver with brass overlay stars and a "Peacemaker" Colt Single Action. It is engraved, and marked "Nickel Silver" on the back. Brass rivets and screws are used throughout as hardware, and the rig has no maker's name that I can find. The leather shows it's age and is a bit dry, but overall is very solid and stable with no rips or repairs. This rig was probably custom made for a Wild West Show performer, or could have seen screen time in an early Western movie. Overall just an intriguing and cool looking old west rig!
Beautiful Vintage North American Grizzly Bear Rug with Large Original Claws, measuring approximately 6 feet from the tip of his nose to his tail. Double matted, and even complete with hooks for wall hanging! The bear has a rich, blonde color and clean coat. All original claws are intact and present, with the largest fronts measuring 4"+ along the outer curve. Current expenses to legally acquire a tanned and preserved Grizzly run between $8-10,000, not including the hunt. This would make an impressive statement in any den or gun room. NOTE: NO SALE TO FOLLOWING STATES: Alaska, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia or West Virginia. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know your own state laws on the purchase and ownership of genuine bear parts. NO INTERNATIONAL SALES.
George Rowbottom & Bill Ruger
Taken from their 1958 Safari

RARE & IMPORTANT! Massive Trophy African Elephant Ivory Tusks Mounted in Silver From The Bill Ruger/George Rowbottom 1958 Safari with Elephant's Feet Foot Stools, End Tables, One Ear & Documentation. This is an impressive and rare group of authentic Elephant Ivory tusks and related items that are directly linked to William B. Ruger of Ruger Firearms Co. Ruger was an avid hunter and traveled to Africa on several occasions, however his very first safari took place in 1958. He was accompanied by his friend George Rowbottom and two professional hunters. They arrived at the New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi and stayed at actor William Holden's personal safari club briefly, as well as in the company of George and Joy Adamson. A great variety of game were taken on the safari, including this fantastic Elephant by George Rowbottom. The tusks and feet were preserved by the famed Jonas Brothers Studios of New York. The tusks are mounted in solid Silver bands, with silver screws, nuts, washers, and solid Silver chain. The larger tusk measures 73" along the outer curve and weighs 60 lbs, while the other tusk measures 57" and weighs 45 lbs. The smaller tusk has some interesting battle damage on the tip from a fight the Elephant was in years before the '58 safari. The bases of both tusks are capped in leather from the Elephant's hide. The rear feet of the Elephant were made into foot stools that also double as storage boxes. They are Mahogany lined with hinged tops that are covered in Lion skin. Both are in very good condition overall, with some deterioration to the surface of one foot. The front feet were made into end tables with Mahogany tops. They too have some minor surface deterioration but are in stable condition. One Mahogany top has split from age but could easily be repaired. There is also one ear from the Elephant which was preserved. Accompanying the group is the original 1958 license signed to George Rowbottom for this Elephant to be legally hunted in Kenya, and original receipts from the Stanley Hotel (Note the mention of Bill Ruger). The original hanging bracket that these were displayed from is also included. The safari itself is described in R. L. Wilson's book "Ruger & His Guns". These are legal, documented pre-ban Ivory that was purchased directly from the estate of George Rowbottom through his son. They have never been available to the public until now. Authentic safari Elephant tusks are very rare and very hard to acquire today, and the fact that these were taken on Bill Ruger's first African safari makes these a priceless and important addition to any collection. NOTE: No sales to California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, or Washington. Please know your own state laws prior to purchase. NO INTERNATIONAL SALES.