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Magnificent New England "Treen" Hand-Hewn Ash Burl Bowl, ca. 1760-1790, measuring approx. 13.25" in diameter, and approx. 5.5" tall. Early American burl wood bowls are highly prized for their beauty, history, and rarity, and this bowl is one of the most gorgeous examples we have seen. Made from wonderfully grained Ash, the burl shows vibrant, exquisite color and depth. Beautiful untouched wear and patina inside and out. Unique and nicely carved lip around the top of the bowl, and the base shows perfect patina right from the era. This is as good as it gets, and simply a stunning piece of colonial Americana.
PRICE: $9,500
Beautiful American 1798 Adam and Eve Sampler by Marth Ann East, from the Phillip Schwartz Collection (Ex. Vice President of Colt Firearms Mfg.) This sampler shows extensive religious subject matter and rare content. Adam and Eve are pictured beside the tree of life, which is capped with an American Eagle, and wrapped with a snake. It is flanked by two angels blowing trumpets, with four doves suspended in flight surrounded by eleven small stars and two large stars. On the ground are two fruit trees, two butterflies, and six various animals (deer, rabbit, cat, sheep, lion and another deer). Written accross the bottom;
Above the Adam and Eve scene is a shepherd scene, depicting two shepherds, one of which is seated on a stump, and two large trees. There are seven more figures shown at their feet (sheep, cat, sheep, sheep, small Manger, dog, and a deer). Above the shepherds is a beautiful blue sky, with five angels (one full) looking out from within the clouds, and small rays of light peering down. The sky below has eleven stars. The sampler is surrounded by a great floral pattern. Many unique and unusual colors were used in this sampler, and they are still very crisp. Overall, it is in great condition, with only a handful of small holes on the lower and upper right corners. These do not detract from the beauty of this piece however, and could easily be repaired if so desired. Overall measurements are approx. 17"x12.125". A beautiful and one of a kind, early American sampler.
RARE "Kelly's Old Cabin Bitters" Bottle Patented 1863, one of the most desired Bitters bottles and very hard to find. This bottle is un-cleaned and as found. Amber/Chocolate color with nice applied top. There is a large chip on one top corner, and one bottom corner, of one side. They appear to have been done long ago, and "repaired" with a stained filler. Nice wear on the base. Excellent examples of this bottle generally sell in the $3,000 range, with green examples bringing $7,000. A Kelly's Old Cabin in an even rarer color recently sold at auction for $51,250! A chance to own a authentic piece to fill that often blank space in bottle collections.
PRICE: $1,250
RARE Original ca. 1833 Edward Lear "Red Breasted Goose" Hand-Colored Lithograph, plate 351 of his "Birds of Europe" series, ca. 1833. Great overall condition, with vibrant colors and just a few small age spots. Very crisp and untouched. Matted the image is 13 1/2"x20 1/2", the matting just covering about 1" all around (14 1/2"x21 1/2" actual size of litho). Shown in a nice, older frame probably dating to the early 20th century. The Red Breasted Goose is one of the finer issues in the series, and the current market retail value of this lithograph is $3,500. This would make a fine addition to any collection.
PRICE: $300
Authentic American Maple Turned Bowl with Original Paint, ca. 1850, wonderful bowl measuring between 18.5" to 19" accross, and approx. 5.5" tall. Original red paint is present, and turn markes can be seen inside and out. Nice, correct wear on the base, and inside from use. There are two cracks, both with old wire repairs. Still, a nice period bowl with a great look.
PRICE: $425
RARE 1876 Centennial Exhibition "Treen Style" Goblet, very unusual piece that could bennefit from further research. This piece was expertly made from many pieces of select wood inlaid together. The label on the bottom indicates that it was made as a show piece for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition, which was the first ever World's Fair. It was made by ??? & Hauschild of Newark, New Jersey. Measuring just under 5" tall, this is a very impressive piece with great potential for more history.
RARE Thomas E. Wilson & Co. "Confidence Floating Minnow Bucket", ca. 1935, measuring 10.75" wide, 7.625" deep, and 8.625" tall. Original green paint with great stencil design done in silver paint. One side has faded, probably from exposure to the sun or just from use, while the other side displays wonderfully. Original bale with wood handle in excellent condition. Has a great, untouched, folk art look overall. A very hard to find piece of early fishing memorabilia.
Important Dentzel style Carousel Rooster, ca. 1895-1915. Impressive, authentic piece that was the focal point of the massive rooster related collection at the historic 1895 "Rooster Hall" house located in Old Lyme Connecticut. The rooster is done exactly in the style of Gustav Dentzel's work, who carved carousel figures himself from 1867 to 1909, at which point his son William Dentzel took over. The highest price paid for a carousel figure to date, was for a Dentzel rooster which brought $148,500 at a Sotheby's auction. Further research is currently being done to decipher if this is infact a true Dentzel carved rooster, or a carousel rooster done in the style of Dentzel's work by another carver during the period. This is the epitome of true American folk art, and may be a historical treasure if proven to have been carved by Dentzel's hand.
Currently being researched
Offers Considered
PRICE: $375
Beautiful Antique One Pint Historical Cornucopia/Fruitbasket Flask with Uncommon Feature, approx. 1820-1840. This bottle is free of any chips or cracks and stands 5 1/2" tall. Open pontil, with nice wear on the base and on the high spots of the Cornucopia side. This bottle was found under the floor boards of an 18th century house in Haddam, Connecticut durring rennovations, which is why there is wear to the one side.The color is a pleasing medium/dark olive with a goldish tint, that fades darker toward the base. What is unusual is that inside there is a drip of glass that runs from one side to the other. This happened when the bottle was being made and has survived all these years without breaking. A really nice example.
PRICE: $5,500
Unique Antique "Wahl Pen Company" Massive Countertop Display Brass Pen and Pencil, ca. 1920's. These are just fantastic. Both pieces are made entirely
from brass, and show propper patina for the time and typical styles and design for Wahl products. The fountain pen measures 23 3/4" long and 1 1/2" wide at it's widest point. The pencil measures 21" long, and over 1 1/8" across the shaft, and over 1 3/4" at the base. Both have typical Wahl clips. The metal pencil tip unscrews, and has a piece of mock lead inside. The fountain pen has a piece of carved wood painted black to represent ink, and a heart shape cutout on the back. Both pieces are in excellent condition overall. The base of the pencil is slightly dented in on one side, and there is one small dent on the side of the pen. These would be ideal in a antique pen collector's display, or would make a very unique and intriguing statement in a storefront window or showcase!
Rare and Unusual Red-Breasted Merganser Decoy, ca. 1890-1910, central East Coast origin, unmarked. This Merganser shows a wonderful interpretation, and artistic flair. It measures 14 1/2" from tip to tail, with a 12 3/4" body. The head is dowelled in place, and has a seperate neck. The eyes are round-head brass tacks. The paint is 100% original, and the duck even has it's original leather strap nailed to the underside. Overall condition is very good, with no damage other than some of the original filler missing from around the right side of it's neck. A very unusual decoy with a great look that could certainly benfit from further research. 
Very Nice Turned Head Hollow "Black Duck" Decoy attributed to William Cranmer, ca. 1950, New Jersey. A nice example of a hollow oversized "black duck" with turned head, typical of Bill Cranmer's style. The duck measures just under 17" from tip to tail, with a 15" body. There is no damage to the body or head. The decoy wears most of it's original paint, including all on it's head, though someone has applied some black touch up paint on the body long ago. Overall a great looking duck from a noted carver.
RARE WM. A. Carpenter's Mineral Water "Blob Top" Bottle, Hudson NY, with Iron pontil, ca. 1840-1860. A very scarce variant, and in untouched "as found" condition. Measuring 7" tall and 8-sided with clear markings and beautiful color. This bottle has no cracks or repairs, only a few tiny OLD chips right on the top lip, probably occuring at the time it was first opened. Original Iron pontil, with nice wear on the bottom. Right out of a colonial home here in Connecticut, and never offered to the public before! A beautiful example of a rare Mineral Water.
PRICE: $500
RARE Original ca. 1833 Edward Lear "Coot" Hand-Colored Lithograph, plate 338 of his "Birds of Europe" series, ca. 1833. In fine original condition, showing typical light toning from age, but with vibrant colors and crisp details. Measuring 14 1/2"x21 1/2", framed and matted in a nice, older wooden frame. Current market retail on this lithograph is $1,200. A well presented and nice looking representation.
PRICE: $400
RARE John J. Audubon 1860 Bien New York "Scaup Ducks" Chromolithograph, plate 397 in the 1860 Bien/Audubon New York series. Overall the graphics and colors are wonderful, however there is a vertical crease along the left side of the image. It looks to have been done long ago, and could probably be improved with conservation. The litho is framed, and measures approx. 26 1/2"x19". The 1860 Bien issues are highly prized among collectors, and in excellent condition this litho has a current market value of $1,500.
ORIGINAL STAN GALLI Gouache Painting for
Weyerhaeuser Timber Co.
As this actual painting appeared in print for the Weyerhaeuser advertisement campaign, 1955
RARE Original Gouache Painting by Stan Galli of Charles S. Chapman for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, ca. 1955. Stanley Walter Galli, 1912-2009, is regarded as one of the best American
artist of advertisement material, and is best known for his outdoor and western art. He did a fantastic series of paintings for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, all of which were used for prints and advertisments in magazines. While many of those advertisements can still be found in old magazines, the original paintings are very rare. This example is the one and only original painting of Charles S. Chapman for the company. The painting is done in Gouache, and measures 16x12". It is matted and framed in it's original presentation, the frame measuring 29 1/2"x26 1/2". The painting is signed by Galli, and a plaque on the frame states the subject matter. There is a label fixed to the back of the painting, explaining that is this original painting is to be loaned out for events of exhibitions, it is to be ultimately returned to the company. The overall condition is very good, with bright, vivid color and detail. There are a few tiny flakes on the upper left of the work that could easily be restored. Original Galli paintings very rarely turn up, and since this painting was actually used for international advertising, this is truly a prize of his artwork.
Original DELL Comics 1954 Comic Display Spinner Rack 
RARE Golden Age DELL Comics 1954 Comic Display Spinner Rack with 43 Vintage Comics! What a rare find! This spinner comic display rack is being offered to the public for the first time in decades, having been in a private collection since the 1960's. It is 100% original and untouched, just as it was found. It's appearance could be improved with a proper cleaning, however we will leave that to the new owner. The entire rack stands 70 3/4" tall and is two pieces, including the rack which slides down over the base. The topper measures 8" tall, and has all it's original graphics. The topper is dated 1954, and emblazoned with the slogan; "DELL Comics are Good Comics". The wire racks were factory painted silver, which has turned more of a patina silvery/brown color. As stated, we have made no attempts to clean this piece. A few wires toward the bottom of the stand are bent a little, but could easily be straightened. The round base measures 16" in diameter. This is a heavy rack! Included are all the comics pictured, 43 vintage comics, many of which are good condition comics from the golden age right through the 60's. For the sophisticated collector, this is a must-have! These turn up very seldom and rarely in their original, untouched condition.