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Excellent & Very Rare Chicago Firearms Co. Protector Palm Pistol, Nickel Plated with Pearl Grips in Original Box, .32 Extra Short Rimfire, mfg. circa 1890. This is by far the finest Chicago palm squeezer we have ever offered. The pistol retains 95% bright original Nickel finish with only very minor flaking on one side of the cocking lever. The pearl grips are outstanding with vibrant color and a smooth factory polished finish showing no cracks or chips, certainly the nicest pair I have seen. Likewise the hard rubber palm grip is excellent and shows no wear. Clear manufacturer address and patent dates with serial number "3002" marked throughout internally. The action is crisp and functions flawlessly. Excellent bore with bright sharp rifling front to back. The original box remains fully intact but with some old repairs and separation along the edges. Both inner and outer labels are in great shape and two original cleaning rods are included. Pictures don't do this gun justice, it's as good as it gets! A fantastic little gem that is nearly impossible to find in the original box.
Fine & Rare William Young, Bury St. Edmunds, England, Percussion Folding Trigger Turn-Off Muff/Pocket Pistol with Silver Inlays & Lion Head Butt, .45 cal smoothbore, mfg. circa 1840. This is a very fine and unusual little gun manufactured by William Young who is listed as being in business from 1823-1855. The pistol measures 6 3/16" long overall and features a dramatically fluted 2" screw-off barrel. The frame is beautifully engraved and inscribed "YOUNG / BURY / St EDMUNDS" on the upper tang with Brimingham proofs marked ahead of the trigger and on the barrel. Overall the metal has a smooth silver/gray patina with very sharp edges. The wood grip features solid silver wire vine inlay with silver plated brass leafs (one missing). Some of the wire is missing yet the wood retains an attractive untouched finish throughout with no damage or repairs. Silver plated brass nameplate escutcheon and lion's head buttcap. The action is very crisp and strong and functions flawlessly. The trigger automatically drops down when cocked and is manually returned once fired. There is a very fine hairline crack forming under the head of the hammer and the original nipple is damaged. The barrel screws on and off securely. A very charming and attractive English pocket pistol that will be a choice addition to any collection.
PRICE: $950
Cased Pair of Custom Reproduction French Percussion Dueling Pistols, .44 Cal, mfg. circa 1970's. This beautiful pair of French 1840's style dueling pistols were made in Spain likely by Banco de Pruebas de Armas de Fuego. They are fully engraved throughout with no visible maker's markings or proofs. The pistols measure 15 13/16" long and feature 9 5/16" fluted hexagonal barrels fitted with dovetailed blade front sights and sighted tangs. The metal is finished in the "white" and retains a bright luster with some slight oxidation just beginning to form. The stocks feature a fluted grip and retain their original finish with no damage or repairs. Engraved diamond cut iron buttcap and target style triggerguards with adjustable set triggers. The engraving appears to be a combination of machine and hand-cut. Both actions and set triggers are crisp and function very well, aside from one having a strong trigger pull regardless of adjustment (best suited for your opponent!). The bores feature very fine rifling and appear unfired. Perfect original nipples. The pistols are housed in a beautiful velvet lined burl wood case furnished with a flask, mould, nipple wrench, patch box, ball starter hammer, ramrod, cleaning rod, and key. The cleaning brush is missing. A very impressive set of functional dueling pistols that will display wonderfully in any gun room or den!
PRICE: $1,500
PRICE: $4,750
Rare & Exceptional Factory/New York Engraved Civil War Era Smith & Wesson No. 2 Old Model Army Revolver with Patriotic Shield Motif, Silver & Gold Plated with Pearl Grips, .32 RF Long, mfg. ca. 1862/1863 with 6" barrel. This is a 100% original and untouched example of a Nimschke engraved No. 2 Army in fantastic condition. The No. 2 Army was very popular among Union officers during the American Civil War and those observed with serial numbers below 35,000 may have seen use during the conflict. This revolver, serial number 16861, was manufactured in late 1862 or early 1863. The engraving is done in typical L. D. Nimschke style with a patriotic American shield motif on the backstrap and an arrow piercing a ribbon along the sides of the barrel. The coverage is profuse and the engraving remains very sharp throughout. Smith & Wesson did little to no in-house engraving and those which are
referred to as "factory engraved" were generally shipped to New York for embellishment there. The majority of these were accomplished at Nimschke's shop. Overall the gun retains 80%+ bright original Silver finish which has turned black within protected areas with scattered light flaking while the cylinder, hammer, and cartridge extractor show 70%+ Gold finish remaining. The original pearl grips fit perfectly and retain a pleasingly aged vibrant color. There is a tight 5/8" on the right handle with a small old chip at the left rear toe. Original hammer, spur trigger, screws, and blade front sight. Sharp and clear original serial number and barrel address. The action is crisp and functions perfectly with one exception: the cylinder stop on top of the frame has been flattened causing the cylinder to remain locked when one attempts to cock the gun. As it sits if you lightly lift up on the stop the action functions beautifully. Bending the piece slightly upward back to it's original profile will remedy this. Excellent bore with bright, sharp, and shiny rifling front to back. The barrel locks up against the frame like a vault with no play whatsoever. This is a stunning example of a totally original Nimschke engraved Civil War Smith & Wesson in wonderful condition. A choice addition to any collection that would be very hard to improve upon.
Rare C. & J. Gourlay, Glasgow, Scotland, Engraved Percussion Turn-Off Muff/Pocket Pistol, .45 cal smoothbore, mfg. circa 1830. This is a very fine little gun from a rare quality Scottish maker. Charles Gourlay opened shop in 1818 and was joined by his brother John in 1822 after moving to Argyll St. They would continue business as "C. & J. Gourlay" until 1836. The pistol measures 6 5/8" long overall and features a 2 1/8" screw-off octagon barrel fitted with a brass bead front sight and standing v-notch rear sight. The barrel is inscribed "C & J GOURLAY, GLASGOW" and is marked with Birmingham proofs. The gun is beautifully engraved throughout and the metal has a smooth dark gray patina with sharp edges. Small traces of original bluing and case color can be observed within protected areas. There is some very fine pinprick pitting just beginning to form on the left side of the frame which has partially obscured the engraving. The wood grip is nicely figured and features incredibly fine checkering with a solid Silver escutcheon. It retains a sharp untouched finish with no cracks, chips, or repairs and only minor shrinkage close to the frame. Iron butt compartment with engraved triggerguard, hammer, and diminutive percussion bolster. The action is crisp and functions flawlessly. The nipple is a clean original and the barrel securely threads on and off perfectly. A very impressive totally original big-bore Scottish pocket pistol that will be a highlight among any collection.
Very Rare & Outstanding Factory/New York Engraved Smith & Wesson No. 3 Transition First Model Revolver with Dog Head Panel Scene & Double Carved Mexican Eagle/Anchor Ivory Grips, Nickel Plated, .44 S&W, mfg. ca. 1872. This is a stunning example of a highly embellished Smith & Wesson right out of the Wild West. The No. 3 American was known to have been carried by Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, and the James Gang among many other notable Western figures. This example is a scarce Transition Model which features the early style frame with later interlocking hammer and shorter cylinder. The engraving is done in typical L. D. Nimschke style with the addition of a dog's head scene on the side panel. Smith & Wesson did little to no in-house engraving and those which are referred to as "factory engraved" were generally shipped to New York for embellishment there.
The majority of these were accomplished at Nimschke's shop. Overall the pistol retains approximately 75-80% bright nickel finish. Some of the engraving along the barrel and sideplate appears slightly washed which may suggest the nickel is a period refinish. Much of the engraving remains sharp however and regardless the finish is of the period. The Ivory grips are magnificent featuring an expertly carved Mexican Eagle on the left side and an anchor wrapped in chain on the right side. They fit well and have a beautiful mellowed color. There is an old chip missing from the right butt with a very small edge chip to one of the anchor flukes. Serial number "6931" is marked on the frame (butt), barrel, cylinder, and barrel latch. The barrel address is very slightly washed yet fully legible in person. A six-point star is stamped beneath the barrel ahead of the frame which depending on the source indicates either a factory re-work or a Russian contract reject sold on the American market. Original hammer, trigger, extractor, and blade front sight with sighted barrel latch. The hammer does not hold half cock but otherwise the action is crisp and functions smoothly with a hair trigger. Outstanding bore with bright, crisp, and sharp rifling front to back. The extractor functions properly and the barrel latches securely against the frame with little to no play. This is a fantastic gun that just has "the look" and really speaks to you. A most impressive and rare example that will be a highlight among any collection. *NOTE: Due to Ivory restrictions this revolver will not be sold or shipped to residents of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, or Washington.*
Extremely Rare & Historic American Assembled War of 1812 Era Louisiana Militia Infantry Marked Flintlock Officer's Pistol with Nock Lock, .52 cal smoothbore, mfg. ca. 1800. This is a tremendously rare and important gun that very well may have participated in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. The Louisiana Militia Infantry, or "LMI", was formed before the American Revolution and was comprised of several regiments which were for the most part raised in and around New Orleans. Over 1,000 men from the Louisiana militia fought for Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans and a regiment of militia accompanied General Zachary Taylor into Texas during the Mexican War. The LMI was officially dissolved at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 and it's men mustered into newly formed units such as the Washington Artillery, Louisiana Grays, and the famed Tiger Zouaves among others. The pistol measures 13 3/8" long overall and features a totally unmarked 7 3/4" long barrel. The unbridled lock is marked "NOCK" for the famed English gun maker Henry Nock and would have been sourced from an earlier Revolutionary War era gun. The lock remains in 100% original form and excellent condition. The entire pistol with the exception of the lock appears to be American made. The metal has a smooth silver/gray color overall. The stock retains an attractive untouched finish throughout and is twice branded "LMI" opposite the lock. Aside from a typical 1/2" crack ahead of the rear lock screw the wood remains in great shape with no further damage or repairs. Simple brass triggerguard, lock screw escutcheons, and turned ramrod pipes have a mustard color. The wood ramrod is a replacement. Curiously the forward lock screw is cut short with no provision for a proper length screw to meet the lock. This would suggest that the pistol was assembled with haste and little regard for quality beyond basic function. Prior to the Battle of New Orleans for instance weapons were in such great demand by Jackson's growing army that his last reserves and citizens of the town resorted to arming themselves with pikes and other implements. The action is remarkably crisp and functions flawlessly. The frizzen snaps shut and springs forward securely. A fine and very rare Louisiana militia pistol that will make a choice addition to any American military collection.
PRICE: $750